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Recognized by the S900/S950

  • Exclusive Akai
  • System Exclusive Common

  • Exclusive Akai

    Mnemonic Description
    RDRS Request for drum settings
    DRS Drum settings
    ROVS Request for overall settings
    OVS Overall settings
    RPRGM Request for program
    PRGM Program
    CODE Machine code (8086 code or data for S950's RAM)
    RCODE Request for machine code
    EXEC Execute (call machine code or other subroutine)
    RCAT Request for program/sample name catalog
    RSPRM Request for sample parameters
    SPRM Sample parameters
    SECRE System exclusive common reception enable
    SECRD System exclusive common reception disable

    System Exclusive Common

    Mnemonic Description
    RSD Request sample dump
    SD Sample dump
    ASD Abort sample dump
    NAKS Not acknowledge sample block (request retransmission)
    ACKS Acknowledge sample block (or sample header)